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Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary SchoolTogether in faith, love and learning…

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Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School Together in faith, love and learning…

Year 1 - St Clare’s

Welcome to Year 1 - St Clare's Class!


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Writing about The Man on the Moon

Year 1 NSPCC Fundraising

Class Photo July 2018

Year 1 Phonics Games

In Year 1 we were given the task of designing a brand new phonics game. We had two weeks in which we had to plan, design and create a game didn’t already exist. We have put them onto our section of the website so that you can play them at home. You should try them for yourself!

In Year 1 we have been playing a game all about volume and capacity. The rules are:

  • 3 or 4 players
  • Each player takes turns to fill a container using a measuring cylinder.
  • The first player to fill the beaker so that the water overflows loses the game. The player who went before this wins the game.

This game was great fun to play!​

Our earthquake investigation

As part of Science Week, we completed an investigation looking at how earthquakes can affect buildings. Using sweets (or plastercine) and cocktail sticks, we built our towers one story at a time. We then simulated a small earthquake to see whether our towers would stay standing. Our most successful tower survived an earthquake when it was 5 stories high! How high do you think you could build a tower before it would fall over?​