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Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School Together in faith, love and learning…

Parent Forum

At Our Lady of Hartley Primary School we value the views of all members of the school community. We have set up a Parent Forum to listen to and share the opinions of our pupil's parents, guardians and carers. We are actively working towards developing a stronger partnership between the school and pupil's parents, guardians and carers and would like the opportunity to share open, honest and constructive dialogue about the school through our Parent Forum.



For parents to meet, share ideas and feed back to the school.

Give parents a voice and enable them to contribute to school decision making.

Develop a partnership between parents and school.



The role of the Parent Forum is consultative and advisory but the school and governing body remains the decision maker.

The Parent Forum will not be a channel for individual complaints and issues.

Individual children, families or teachers will not be discussed.



Reception      TBA

Year One        Claire Medlam and Maria Pratt

Year Two        Harvinder Kambo

Year Three     Emma Spragg and Lisa Smith

Year Four       Josephine Donegan and Kathie Wilson

Year Five        Angela Smith, Lesley - Ann Farrell and Mel Pender

Year Six         Katie Mullan and Louise Richardson

Minutes from last meeting:

(Attachments-word doc)


(Attachments-word doc)


(Attachments-word doc)


Next meeting:  TBC