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Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School Together in faith, love and learning…

Collaborations and Training Sessions





As part of the KCSP INSET Training Day, Mr Baldock delivered a training session on the topic of marking and feedback. In this session, Mr Baldock detailed the journey that Our Lady of Hartley has been on in recent years as we developed a more forward-thinking way of delivering feedback to pupils at the same time as reducing workload for teachers.


This session detailed the key literature and studies that lay at the heart of the new feedback policy developed at Our Lady of Hartley and (using example from the classroom) discussed the advantages of such an approach from the point of view of: teachers, pupils and parents and governors. 


Unfortunately, the entire presentation is too large to share on our website. However, a shortened version is available below alongside the new and improved Our Lady of Hartley Feedback Policy. 







Mr Baldock delivered a training session to NQTs discussing the Primary Computing Curriculum. In this session, Mr Baldock broke the curriculum down into three key areas (computer science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy). He also discussed the advantages of the new(ish) computing curriculum and advice on how to avoid common pitfalls. A shortened version of the presentation is available below. 






As part of his new role as a Specialist Leader of Education for computing, Mr Baldock delivered a lecture to University of Greenwich students on the Primary Education Studies 2 Year Accelerated Degree (BA Hons) course. The lecture revolved around the use of ICT in supporting all areas of the curriculum Included: ICT in the classroom, using technology to support children with SEN, using technology to support different subject areas and ICT in secondary schools. 


Slides from the presentation (minus the videos) are available below.