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Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary SchoolTogether in faith, love and learning…

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Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School Together in faith, love and learning…

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mr J Baker




                          Miss C Hughes                    Mrs A O'Donohoe            Mrs K Symonds                                   Reception                       Assistant Head & Year 1        PSHE & Year 1                               



         Miss G Simiou                Mrs A Pearce                  Miss L Bellerby  

                           Year 2                                Year 3                                 Year 4    




                   Mrs S McGinley                  Miss D Drumm                        Mrs L Bourne

                         Year 4                     Assistant Head & Year 5                     Year 6





                                                                Mrs R Glennon

                                                    Pastoral Support (Children & Families)


SENCO: Mr C Frost


Learning Support Staff


Miss G Bond 

Mrs E Collison

Mrs N Hakin

Mrs J Darby 

Mrs L Doughty

Mrs C Dunne 

Mrs  P Hooper 

Mrs  F Watkins 

Mrs J Hansen 

Ms E Burton 

Mrs R Williams

Mr R Joseph 

Mrs C Andrews

Mrs A Shaw

Mrs M Messmer


Support Staff


Mrs D Wilde - School Office Administrator/General enquiries 

Mrs J Gemmell - Business Manager

Mrs E Knight- Finance Assistant

Mr K Robinson - Caretaker

Mrs T Allport - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs C Andrews- Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Pemberton  - Breakfast Club Supervisor

Mrs L Doughty- Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs S Saunders - Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs M Messmer - Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs P Hooper - After School Club Supervisor

Mrs L Doughty - After School Club Assistant 

Mrs J Pemberton - After School Club Assistant