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Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary SchoolTogether in faith, love and learning…

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Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School Together in faith, love and learning…


KCSP Statement of Curriculum Intent


I have come so that they have life and have it to the full.

John 10:10


Inspired by Jesus'Christ's example and the Gospel Values of love, joy and compassion, we nurture and develop the whole child so that each unique individual grows constantly in confidence, and has the knowledge, skills and self-esteem to achieve their true potential.

All children will access a rich, ambitious, challenging curriculum; one that is broad balanced and relevant, fostering curiosity, creativity and a life-long love of learning.  It will prepare them well for each stage of education, employment or training and enable them, as educated citizens, to contribute to creating a better world.


Our Lady of Hartley

Statement of Curriculum Intent


Philippians 4:9

‘Whatever you have learnt, or received, or heard from me,

or seen from me – put into practice.  


Informed by the teachings of the Gospel, Our Lady of Hartley offers a rich, varied and inspiring curriculum that allows all children to reach their full potential. Community links are built into the curriculum to provide opportunities for broader educational skills that enhance children’s understanding of real life experiences. Our engaging and purposeful curriculum means all learners are nurtured in God’s love.


                                               Curriculum design 


At Our Lady of Hartley, children learn history, geography, art and design & design and technology by way of a thematic approach delivered through the drama-based principles and techniques known as ‘Mantle of the Expert’.


A thematic approach to learning

At Our Lady of Hartley, children begin to understand the interdependence between the different curriculum subjects. The connections they make through thematic learning help them to understand:

  • how human development has been shaped by the environment and the physical nature of the Earth;
  • that ideas are built upon and improved over time in order to drive technological progress;
  • the role that art has played throughout history – from a means to explore and interpret aspects of the world to the power of art to influence people e.g. through propaganda.
  • How the legacy of ancient societies have shaped human belief and behaviour over time.


As each child progresses through the school, recurring themes of ‘Transport and Trade’, ‘Invasion’, ‘Communication’ and ‘People who made change happen’ are explored in detail, compared and contrasted in order to deepen their understanding and critical awareness.  

Our planning ensures that the importance and relevance of each of the four foundation subjects is maintained. Through the year and in turn, history, geography, art and design and D&T will each feature as the key ‘driver’ and principle focus within a particular Mantle of the Expert commission. Cross-curricular links are then integrated into the learning sequence enabling the children to develop a deep understanding of the interconnections between the subjects and how the learning relates to their own lives.        


Whilst immersed within the Mantle ‘story’ and their ‘commission’ as a team of experts, the children remain focussed on the subject-specific knowledge and skills they are learning. This is achieved through the use of clear and precise learning objectives and by ‘stepping’ out of the Mantle ‘story’ in order to refocus on a particular aspect of learning such as a learning objective or a particular skill. In addition, teachers may plan to include discrete teaching of a particular element before ‘stepping’ back into the story in order for the children to apply their newly acquired knowledge or skill. 


Using quality resources including Key Stage History and Kapow, teachers plan an inquiry-based journey through the children’s learning. Historical narratives are explored, geographical lines of inquiry are investigated and learning in art and design and D&T is sequenced to ensure that ideas are developed and improved. By including our detailed progression maps for each subject as key element of our planning, we ensure a logical and sequential progression of knowledge and skills across the school.  


                                Curriculum subjects and Mantle of the Expert         

For further information about our curriculum please contact  J Baker or A Baldock via