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Online Safety

Online Safety at Our Lady of Hartley


Modern technology and the internet are wonderful tools if utilised correctly. However, they have an element of danger when using them and it is extremely important to remain pro-active to ensure that children know what to do to remain safe.


Online Safety is a very important part of school life at Our Lady of Hartley. Children are taught about online safety in a variety of ways. Firstly and foremost, it is embedded into the computing curriculum. Children are taught the necessary skills to keep them safe during each topic.


Online Safety is also discussed in whole school assemblies throughout the year to ensure that children remember the skills that they have been taught.


Safer Internet Day is also used as an opportunity to educate children about how to remain safe and how to make the correct choices. More information about Safer Internet Day can be found here.


Parent Information Sessions


Parent information sessions take place annually. In these sessions, the Computing Subject Leader and the Family Liaison Officer present to parents some of the issues facing children in relation to technology and the internet in today’s world. 


Details of this year's session will be emailed to all parents and careers shortly. 

Please see the materials provided below from Kent Police that are age appropriate (4 – 19) and include activities parents can do with their children to make them think about safe, trustworthy internet use. The resources are all downloadable.

Monthly Online Safety Newsletter

Device Safety and Parental Controls 


Each year we run an Online Safety Workshop for parents in which we discuss current issues and trends. One thing that we always speak about is parental controls. This issue has become increasingly complex over the last few years as the amount of devices that connect to the internet increase along with the number of internet providers, online platforms, operating systems, social media platforms, mobile phone devices e.t.c. ​


To help with this, please find attached A Guide to Parental Controls created by Knowsley CLCs. Hopefully you will find it very helpful. The guide can be found here. 

Digital Wellbeing and Screen Time


Devices that connect to the internet are an integrated part of modern society. If utilised in the right way, they are allow us to perform some pretty amazing tasks. They allow us to create, to connect, to learn and to access on a level never seen before.


However, as with all things in life, it is important to use such devices in a safe way and in moderation and therefore the importance of digital wellbeing and screen time comes to the fore.


At Our Lady of Hartley, we teach the children how to stay safe when using different devices and also, how to moderate screen time to remind them that the internet is amazing but there is a whole world out there!


The following documents outline steps that you can take to ensure that you and your child maintains a healthy 'digital diet'.


Useful websites