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Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary SchoolTogether in faith, love and learning…

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Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School Together in faith, love and learning…

Religious Education

At Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School we aim to nurture the Catholic Faith and its teachings in our children. We work to help children live this faith and we encourage children to develop a better relationship with God and others around them. Central to our ethos are the opportunities for prayer and worship which lie at the heart of our faith. We will endeavour to promote and encourage these at every level, together with the skills and attitudes necessary to live out the Christian message in the modern world.


Religious Education (R.E) promotes children’s cultural, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical development and helps prepare them for the opportunities and responsibilities that lie ahead of them. Our aim is to do this in the context of a Christian moral and ethical framework.


At Our Lady of Hartley, the requirements of the curriculum are delivered through, ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life’ scheme. This scheme was written by educators and caters for children of all abilities and ages; from Reception to Year 6 and beyond. The scheme compliments the catechesis that takes place in the home and parish.


We have the opportunity to study different faiths across the year and especially during our ‘other faith’ celebratory weeks. This gives us an opportunity to:


  • Learn about other faiths, beliefs and their customs.
  • Bring our communities closer together.
  • Celebrate the contribution that different faith groups make to our society.
  • Understand how people of different faiths cooperate and interact with one another.


At Our Lady of Hartley, we cherish our responsibility as a Catholic school. Our school motto expresses what we feel our aim is:


Together in faith, love and learning

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