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Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary SchoolTogether in faith, love and learning…

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Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School Together in faith, love and learning…


Governance Handbook and Scheme of Delegation

Welcome to our Governance section.

Please find below details of how our Governance Committee is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School

Governance Committee Structure and Committee Membership at 22nd February 2021


Foundation          Parent Governors   Headteacher Governor     Co-Opted 

Anna O'Donohoe       Leonard Williams    Patrina Begley              Steve Watkins   

Emily Okoli                                                 Jim Baker

Ken MacEwan

Barry Mullan

Robert Littlefield 


Chair of Governance Committee:  Barry Mullan

Vice-Chair of Governance Committee : Anna O'Donohoe

Named Governor for Behaviour, Personal Development and Welfare (including safeguarding): Anna O'Donohoe


Named Governor for Teaching, Learning and Assessment : Emily Okoli

Responsibility for Outcomes (Attainment and progress): Emily Okoli

Repsonsibility for Early Years: Ken MacEwan

Responsibility for RE & RSE- Ken MacEwan

Responsibility for SEN & Pupil Premium: Emily Okoli


Membership of School Improvement and Standards Committee:

Emily Okoli- Chair of SIS Committee - Foundation Governor

Barry Mullan- Foundation Governor

Ken MacEwan- Foundation Governor

Anna O'Donohoe- Foundation Governor

Leonard Williams- Parent Governor

Patrina Begley- Headteacher

Jim Baker- Acting Headteacher


Membership of Personnel Committee:

Emily Okoli-Foundation Governor

Robert Littlefield- Foundation Governor

Patrina Begley- Headteacher

Jim Baker - Acting Headteacher



Membership of Finance and Premises Committee:

Steve Watkins- Chair of Committee - Co-Opted

Barry Mullan - Foundation Governor

Robert Littlefield- Foundation Governor

Patrina Begley- Headteacher

Jim Baker- Acting Headteacher

Julia Gemmell- Business Manager


Membership of Admissions Committee:

Barry Mullan- Chair of Governors

Patrina Begley- Headteacher

Jim Baker – Acting Headteacher


Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School* Governance Committee 


Mission statement: For Catholic schools across Kent to deliver outstanding spiritual, moral and learning outcomes for children and young people by collaborating as a Catholic community of academies, working together and with others, and based on excellent leadership and teaching, with Gospel values at its heart.


    Constitution and membership


    The Governance Committee is normally constituted with a maximum twelve members: seven Foundation Governors, two Parent Governors, one Co-opted Governor, one staff Governor and the ex-officio Headteacher Governor. If a Governance Committee currently has more than twelve members the constitution can be temporarily increased to include all current Governors, as long as the requirement that Foundation Governors exceed the number of other members by two is fulfilled.






    Type of Governor

    Term of Office


    Anna O'Donohoe

    Foundation Governor

    24.11.20  to 23.11.2024


    Anthony MacEwan      

    Foundation Governor

     01.02.19 to 01.02.2023

     Emily OkoliFoundation Governor23.02.19 to 22.02.2023
     Barry MullanFoundation Governor08.04.2019 to 07.04.2023
     Robert LittlefieldFoundation Governor

    25.07.19 to 24.07.2023


    Steve Watkins

    Co-Opted Governor

     09.11.20 to 08.11.2024

     Leonard WilliamsParent Governor11.02.21 to 10.02.22

    James Baker

    Ex-Officio Acting Headteacher Governor



    Patrina Begley

    Ex-Officio Headteacher Governor    





    Suzanne Graham              Foundation Governor         01.09.14 - 13.11.17

    Gerry Budd                        Foundation Governor         01.11.14 - 31.10.18

    George Dight                     Foundation Governor         01.11.14 - 31.10.18

    Julie Spencer                     Parent Governor                25.05.16 - 08.03.19

    Andrew Baldock                Staff Governor                     25.04.19-14.02.20

    Frank Stanley                   Foundation Governor           01.11.18 - 23.11.20



    The Governance Committee will appoint the Chair and Vice-Chair at the first meeting in term 1, from among the number of Governors appointed by the Archbishop (Foundation Governors).


    Term of office

    Governor term of office is four years, and may be re-appointed at the end of this period subject to remaining eligible to be a particular type of member. Foundation Governors are appointed by the Archbishop of Southwark.


    Frequency of Meetings

    The Committee will meet at least four times a year. Additional meetings will be called as and when necessary. At least seven days’ notice will be given when calling a meeting. Quorum is a third of all current members.

    Declaration of Business Interests

    Terms of Reference